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Wanna Dance?

FanDanz is the first Android dancing game. If you like dancing, you will love FanDanz. It will become your dancing partner


Have fun with your favourite artists!

With FanDanz any place can be your dancefloor. You can dance freely following your own style. Start by selecting any song from your smartphone.

Great!!! If you love dancing while listening to music on your phone, this is your App. I like it a lot, also because I can dance with my friends and challenge others!

Android User Mexico

Challenge your Friends!

Challenge everyone to show who is the Top Fan of your favourite Music Artist and win Expert Mode Challenges. You can also try our new couples play mode, send in-game gifts such as flowers or chocolates!

This is a great app, I love playing it both alone and with friends. Best of all is you haven't got lifes so you don't need to wait just like on many other phone games!

Android User Venezuela

Earn Badges!

Get points at your own rhythm and unlock badges and get super prizes with your score! New couples' mode badges available!
Start playing FanDanz!

Fantastic app! Both me and my friends have a lot of fun using it. It's great being able to use any song from our phones to play it!

Android User Brasil


Download FanDanz now
and start dancing with your phone!

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